• Do you Know Your Customers?

    Do you Know Your Customers?

    AML Compliance can be affordable and efficient.

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  • Real-Time PEP and Sanction Screening, Compliance and Report

    Real-Time PEP and Sanction Screening, Compliance and Report

    Sanction List and PEP Screening, real-time and on-demand. Compliance Support and reporting.

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KYC Screening, Digitization and Compliance is Attainable

CAPX Analytics was founded based on the need for institutions to meet AML, KYC and Risk Governance compliance and our ability to effectively address the challenges associated with meeting these requirements.

Our Experience in the Financial Sector, Information Technology and AML and Compliance Operations/Audit space,  enables us to partner with you in innovating solutions that are both region and industry-specific.
Sanction and PEP screening using Global and Region-Specific Data to provide comprehensive solutions that can integrate into your existing operations
We bring together several disciplines in order to assist you with the onboarding and workflow integration/development, to enable the best business outcomes
Let us help with getting your Operations Compliance ready. Leverage our years of experience in developing policies and facilitating training
Compliance Support to facilitate, ongoing assessments and regulatory requirements. We will work alongside your compliance officer.

How to Use Screening Data?

We recognize that not everyone is at the same place as it relates to digitization (use of technology in your operations), as such we have developed several options along with, support from in-house expertise to create customized solutions, no matter what stage you are on your journey.


Integrating PEP Screening and Risk Rating functionality into your existing software is possible. Making user interactions non-Intrusive by including data, reports and alerts in dashboards utilizing APIs and Software Enhancements.

One-Off Screening

One-Off Searches allows you to easily check PEP Lists based on your workflow requirements. This can be an option also before future integration into existing solutions. Access to pre-built reports and metrics using our easy-to-use online interface.

Database License

Getting direct access to our curated data set is also possible. Our growing database focuses on keeping abreast with changing requirements that can be driven by local and international compliance standards. Obtain a License to use a copy of our normalized data in your own solutions.
  • Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Us?

Over 30 years of Combined Experience


Our Experience gives us the needed know-how that enables us to meet your needs

Cross Functional Skilled, Innovative Team


The right skillset makes a difference. Our professional, cross-functional team makes us efficient in what we do.

Dedicated Team, Invested in Your Success


Your Success is Our Success, as such we have focused on having the right culture and the needed support to this end.

Core Believe in Offering End to End Solutions


We believe in taking a holistic approach, partnering to add the greatest value.

About Us

Regtech is a blend word of 'regulatory technology' that was created to address regulatory challenges in financial services through innovative technology.
CapX Analytics is a RegTech enterprise, born out of a need to effectively meet the increasing requirements for digital transformation to the world of regulatory compliance.

CapX Analytics brings over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of Finance, Law, Compliance and Regulatory Compliance.

Originally created for the local Money Services Businesses Anti Money Laundering compliance community, CapX has expanded to provide necessary risk analysis tools for other designated non-financial businesses as required by both local and regional regulations.

Knowing Your Customer (KYC) has become one of the key areas that businesses must develop to have an effective risk assessment and compliance program.

CapX Analytics partners with its clients to access Local, Regional and International databases for real-time KYC screening whilst facilitating automation/digitization for successful data integration and process improvement.