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KYC/AML Solutions

Born out of a need to effectively meet the increasing requirements for digital transformation in a world of regulatory compliance

Innovative Technology Solutions

We create customized technology-driven solutions

Our KYC/AML solutions automate your screening and risk profile processes and much more. We have built-in business rules (monitoring trends, thresholds and alerts) based on our experience of operating in the industry and insights from audit support offered to our existing clients. We have also assisted in digitizing or migrating persons to our proprietary software based on the synergies derived from having your core application closely integrated with your compliance process.

We also understand that you may not have the option to migrate to a new solution and as such, have the ability to use our modular components to implement a standalone or integrated solution that allows you to continue using your existing application and still gain the benefits of using or KYC/AML modules and business rules engine.

Start using RegTech Solutions built for you.

Get personalized solutions and improved efficiency for your business workflows, compliance function and training.
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